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We will show you that Prague is more than just Hradčany and Old Town Square. It is the interesting people living in Prague who will be your guides to its stylish cafés and restaurants; clubs and galleries; shops and studios with their original fashions, art or design; modern architecture and forgotten monuments; markets, public parks, gardens and places with breath taking views that you might otherwise miss.

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What can you find in Prague?

In no way do we want to imply that you shouldn’t also see all of Prague’s most popular highlights too; the atmosphere of the old Prague streets, Jewish Town and the Vltava embankment, the centre’s night life, or the vast number of galleries and museums. Or that you should miss out on the Old Town Astronomical Clock, a walk along the Charles Bridge or a hike to Prague Castle and Petřín. Especially when you’re within an easy reach of all the famous places in Prague - thanks to MEET ME 23’s its convenient location, you can easily walk on foot to everywhere.

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And what’s next? Mix sightseeing with live culture! Thanks to us and, you’ll always be up to speed on all the interesting events taking place in Prague.

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You don’t need to look for a map. We’ll be happy to lend you our navigation that will always help you find your way around, or we’ll show you Prague from above - in a virtual flight over the entire city. And if you are more into the old-school way of travelling, we also have classic printed maps ready for you.

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Where to get the best coffee in Prague

With a good coffee, it's like with a good beer in Prague – no need to search long for it. The centre, especially the tourist areas offer nothing more than just a compromise. Either you pay for being at the sights or end up in the café chain. This isn’t anything you want from a good café. Therefore, we bring you the list of places that are not located right next to the Prague Castle or Charles Bridge, but are one of the best coffee spots Prague has to offer. The following places are definitely worth your visit, especially if you are a coffee lover like us. 

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